The original Peacocks (Joe and Garrett) met in graduate school in Los Angeles where they studied industrial design. After lots of hard work and late nights, they finally made it to graduation in the summer of 2015. Immediately after receiving diplomas, Joe and Garrett packed up to chase the fleeting months of summer and go traveling in Asia. After visiting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and meeting lots of inspiring people, it was time to return home and face the sad truth: summer was over. The night before their return flight, on a beach in Bali, the idea for Peacock Summer was born. It is the mission of Peacock Summer to make things that epitomize the feeling of summer, and allow the Peacocks and Peahens of the world to feel summertime all the time and everywhere.


In a perfect world, summer lasts year round. It's our mission here at Peacock Summer to help all the Peacocks and Peahens to feel the summer vibes any time of year and any place in the world. Our passion for the summer is what makes our shirts so amazing. We will never make anything for cold weather, because if we don't acknowledge the winter then it never happens. If you love the summer as much as we do, then you know what it means to be a Peacock. Because we want to prove we can have summer anytime and anywhere, it's our goal to take a photo of our shirt being worn everywhere in the world. If you have a photo of yourself wearing a Peacock Shirt in an interesting place, please share it with us on instagram using #showyourfeathers.